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Our company

P.E. SHIP CHARTER & SUPPLY, LLC, is a company registered in the State of Florida of the United States of America, dedicated to retail and wholesale marketing of carbon welds with less polluting mechanical properties, stainless steel and aluminum; In the same way, it is dedicated to the sale and implements of personal safety for the welder, having as an environment friendly products.


P.E. SHIP CHARTER & SUPPLY, LLC, as an activist company owns ECOLWELD, a federally registered US brand, and positioned as a leader in sustainable welding solutions for all types of infrastructure and projects worldwide. The brand was born thanks to the great concern of its founders for global warming and the consequent climate change of the planet. In addition to ECOLWELD, P.E. SHIP CHARTER & SUPPLY, LLC, represents major brands in state-of-the-art personal safety implements for the welder.

Global network

ECOLWELD is constantly working on the integration of companies to promote sustainable production initiatives and policies inside and outside the United States, which demand the use of welding and necessary supplies in this type of activity. In this sense, the objective of the brand is to create a large network of national and international distributors that promote the use of environmentally friendly products thus counteracting the polluting effects and contributing to the environment.

Affiliated companies

Based on global integration policies, we want to offer all companies the possibility of investing in products that take into account the environment and the reduction of occupational risks and diseases through our line of business.

In P.E. SHIP CHARTER & SUPPLY, LLC we have considered using our brand ECOLWELD to reduce the environmental impact by supplying ecological consumables for the welding industry. With an innovative vision, efficient, profitable and taking into account the commitment and environmental responsibility, we are committed to promote and promote sustainable business practices. So, the use of less polluting welding is our flag, thus we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and gases to the atmosphere, producing a lower greenhouse effect for the benefit of the environment.
In the same way, P.E. SHIP CHARTER & SUPPLY, LLC will aim to represent the best brands in the world with a high degree of environmental responsibility, in personal safety equipment for the new generation of welders in favor of the preservation of health and human lives.