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Speaking of product innovation in a globalized world, is talking about development under an orientation of sustainability and social responsibility with better results. Corporate social responsibility and concern for the environmental issue at a global level, depends largely on two factors strategic: commitment and innovation capacity in technological, economic and environmental matters.

Aware of this, ECOLWELD as an American welding brand, focuses its business model on the demands of a new generation of consumers, which takes environmental responsibility seriously of the brands that it consumes. At ECOLWELD, we assume the responsibility of contributing a great deal to the preservation of the environment, producing a nobler welding, capable of generating lower carbon emissions (CO2), which contributes to the reduction of the greenhouse effect and its catastrophic polluting effects.

As part of our environmental responsibility program, we assume the commitment to allocate a percentage of our annual profits to donations for Non-Governmental Organizations and Non-Profit Foundations, which carry out important advertising campaigns and conservation education programs. Thus, we make sure that the message of environmental conservation continues to reach more people with force.